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Kelp Tablets

Kelp is a type of seaweed, & taking supplements will supply the body with iodine. Iodine helps to regulate the energy control mechanism of the body. It facilitates the metabolism of excess fat. Kelp tablets will keep the metabolism steady & effective for detox.

You take 3 a day with your main meal.

Liver & Kidney Tonics

1. Liver Tonics:

Each of the foods listed below will cleanse the liver & act as a tonic for it. You may include all of them in your Detox, but you must take at least 2 every day. You can vary them from day to day.

* Medium bunch of black grapes

* Eat a fresh garlic clove (in foods, not on it's own).
Alternatively, you can take an odourless garlic tablet - a high dose tablet is best.

* Drink a medium glass of pure carrot & beetroot juice.

* Drink 2 cups of fennel or dandelion tea.

Kidney Tonics:

The kidneys are the other major detox organs, and taking a tonic for them will enhance your Detox Programme. Once again, you may vary your choice, but you must have 2 of these per day.

* 1 tsp of fresh honey disolved in a cup of hot water

* Medium glass of freshly squeezed cranberry juice OR a cranberry tablet supplement

* Fresh or frozen cranberries

* Half a medium melon.
Note: Do not combine the melon with any other foods for up to half an hour before & afterwards, as it may cause indigestion.


Vitamin supplements will ensure that any problems or shortfalls in the early stages of the programme will not leave the body short of essential nutrients.

You should take a multi-vitamin supplement for the first 15 days of the Detox Programme.

After 15 days, you may stop taking a multi-vitamin as, by this stage, your body should be getting all essential nutrients from the programme.

Do you have any Q's about any aspect of the Detox Programme?

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