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You often hear people say, "If you're told something often enough, you will start to believe it". There is much truth in this statement.

Affirmations work like this. Every day, if you tell yourself something positive about yourself, you should start to believe it, and when you believe something, it becomes real.

Affirmations will help you to feel good about yourself, and will affirm your ability to complete the Detox Programme. As you say them, you should give them positive energy, feel good about saying them, and smile! They are completely personal, and no one needs to hear them or know that you say them.

Ideally, they should be positive & kept short. During the Detox, the sort of thing you may wish to affirm could be:
* I am cleaning my body.
* I am feeling energetic.
* I deserve to feel happy about my body.
* I am working towards a clean & healthy body.

Below is a list of other affirmations to try:

"Who you are is a necessary step to being who you will be"


I will begin today to build a better tomorrow through change. I understand that I cannot fix what I will not face.

I have a right to live free from
inner criticism.

I have a right to be free from the critisicm of others, about my body, my weight, my eating and my life.

I have a right to live free from inner criticism.

I have a right to forgive myself
& others for past mistakes
and hurts.

I have a right to be loved & respected by my family & friends.

I have a right to love myself - exactly as I am.

I have a right to receive & enjoy
love, attention, care, & understanding.

I have a right to choose life and to live it in my own unique & wonderful way.

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I should warn you however, that this page is contained within my Pro-Ana website. If you are in recovery, please note that the site may trigger. Also, if the Pro-Anorexic material offends you, please just read the page of Aspirations, and then click on the Back button of your browser.