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Featured on this page:

* Cold Showers
* Exercise
* Self-Massage
* Relaxation
* Posture
* Breathing
* Ways to Enhance your Detox

Cold Showers

Although this may sound like a torture rather than a pleasure, cold showers have many beneficial rewards. If you have ever plunged into a cold pool or inadvertedly stepped into a cold shower, you will know that it is an extremely invigorating experience. Also, it leaves you considerably warmer than a normal hot shower would.

Cold showers have the effect of:

* increasing your circulation
* toning your muscles & skin
* giving the lymph a jump-start.

If having a cold shower every morning sounds too torturous, then try this. When showering every morning, simply turn the shower to cold just before you are ready to finish. Let the cold water run over your entire body for just ONE minute.
Alternatively, when you have finished your bath, you can turn on the cold tap as the water is draining away,!then cup your hands under the water and splash the cold water all over your body.

You should take a cold shower every morning!


Exercise is the best way to enhance your Detox. In addition to all the other health benefits of exercise, here are a few which are particularly relevant to the Detox Programme:

* Speeds up metabolism
* Increases energy
* Improves cardiovascular fitness
* Enhances self-esteem
* Relieves depression
* Improves circulation
* Heightens sense of wellbeing
* Burns fat & calories

Exercise will not only help you keep fit & toned, but it will also ensure that your metabolic rate does not decrease or your circulation become sluggish.

You should do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day on the Detox Programme.

Self Massage

There are many benefits to massage, but it can be time-consuming & expensive. This is why Self-massage is recommended. You can do this for free & you can split it up into smaller intervals. For instance, you could massage face & neck, then shoulders & arms, then stomach & chest, then thigh & buttocks, then lower back & spine, then foot & calves.

Benefits include:

* warms & relaxes muscles
* relieves tension & reduces stress
* increases blood circulation
* increases lymph flow
* helps the body eliminate waste products
* helps the body eliminate excess fluids
* tones the muscles & skin
* lowers blood pressure
* improves the appearance of the skin, in particular, areas which are prone to cellulite.

You should practice self-massage every day on the Detox Programme!
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Ways to Enhance the Detox Programme

Here are some additional ways to enhance your Detox Programme:

* Aromatherapy
* Bathing with essential oils
* Reflexology
* Massage
* Colonic Irrigation