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The Short Detox

The Short Detox Programme lasts for 10 days. It is only recommended for people who have already completed the full 30 day Detox, as it is more intense than the full Detox.

Checklist for the Short Detox:

* Eat 3 meals every day

* Have brown rice every day, preferably short-grain

* Have 3 portions of raw vegetables every day

* Have 3 portions of fruit every day.
NB! You must not eat fruit for any meal other than breakfast.

* Have a selection of salad, non-dairy product, pulses, nuts & herbs every day

* Do 40 minutes exercise every day

* Exfoliate every day

* Cold shower every morning

* Do dry skin brushing every morning & evening

How to Enhance the Detox Programme

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Maintaining the Detox Programme

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The Mini Fast

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The Mini Mini Fast

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Anti-Cellulite Checklist

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