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An Overview of the 30 Day Detox Plan

You should not start the Detox Programme if any of the following applies to you:

* You are pregnant

* You are breast-feeding

* You are undergoing medical treatment for any illness or condition

* You are recovering from a serious illness

* You are taking any prescribed or unprescribed drugs

If you are in doubt about your medical health, please consult a doctor before starting this Programme.

Food & Nutrition

Here is a summary of what you must do for the 30 days of the Detox Programme. There are comprehensive Food Lists on THIS PAGE, from which you can choose which foods to eat. This will guide you through your nutritional intake for the day:

1. Drink a cup of hot water & lemon juice first thing every morning.

2. During the day, drink 1.7 litres (3 pints) of water.

3. Take 2 liver tonics as described HERE.

4. Take 2 kidney tonics as described HERE.

5. Take Kelp supplements every day.

6. Take multivitamin supplements every day for the first 15 days.

7. Eat at least 3 meals a day from the Food Lists.

8. Have at least ONE portion of short-grain Brown Rice every day.

9. Have at least 3 portions of vegetables every day. One of these should be raw.

10. Have at least 3 portions of fruit every day - can be either raw or dried.

11. Have at least 3 portions of salad every day.

12. Have at least ONE portion of a Non-Dairy Product every day.

13. Have 2 portions every day of either pulses, nuts, herbs, fish, or olive oil (or any seed oil).

Body Care Routines

Here is a summary of the body care routines you must do every day during the Detox Programme:

1. Take a cold shower every morning.

2. Do Dry Skin Brushing every morning.

3. Do 30 minutes exercise every day.

4. Have 10 minutes relaxation every day.

5. Say 5 affirmations or do 5 visualisations every day.

6. Have 5 minutes of quality breathing every day.

7. Self-massage every morning & evening.

8. Smile or laugh heartily every day.

Less Regular Treatments

These are treatments that do not have to be done every day.

1. Exfoliate every 3 days.

2. Take an Epsom Salts bath every 5 days.

To read more about these treatments, please see the
Body Care Treatments page.